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What is a Leasehold Property?

Leasehold is a form of ownership in which you own the building but not the ground underneath it.
Posted by Dani Dooley on March 01, 2021 in   Hawaii  Dani Dooley  FAQs  Frequently Asked Questions  Kauai  Kauai Resorts  Kiahuna Plantation  Leasehold Properties  Poipu
If you've been looking for smoking deals on Kauai it is likely you keep running into listings that say "This is a leasehold property".  One of the places I get the most questions about is Kiahuna Plantation in Poipu, a leasehold property where the prices start under $100,000. The price tag sounds tempting for a condo in Kauai, so what's the catch?A leasehold is a form of ownership in which you own the building, or portion thereof, but not the ground underneath it. This is different from your typical fee-s... read more

What is a Condotel?

Also known as a Condo-hotel, Condotels are operated like hotels but each room is individually owned like a condo
Posted by Dani Dooley on March 01, 2021 in   Hawaii  Condominium  Condos  Condotel  Dani Dooley  FAQs  Frequently Asked Questions  Kauai
The Kauai Beach Resort on the East shore of Kauai is an excellent example of a condotel. From the moment you drive on site you feel like you are at a resort hotel (because you are) and not the typical apartment complex style condominium. Kauai Beach Resort has a grand palm-lined front driveway, valet parking, a front desk and lobby reception area, and all the amenities of your favorite hotel resorts. But instead of being owned by a corporation or one very wealthy individual, at condotels each room is independently ... read more

Focus on Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home For More

Improving curb appeal is the number one thing a homeowner can do to boost the marketability of their home.
Posted by Dani Dooley on February 23, 2021 in   Hawaii  Curb Appeal  Dani Dooley  FAQs  For Sellers  Frequently Asked Questions  Kauai  Seller Tips  Tips
Curb appeal describes how your house looks from the curb; is it attractive, welcoming and enticing to potential buyers? For buyers your home's outdoor appearance can be a huge factor in whether they pursue the property and make an offer. If you do nothing else to get your home ready to sell, at least make the outside look great.Curb appeal is about making a great first impression. A Princeton research study found that people's first impressions of people and objects are made within 1/10th of a second, and... read more

The Comparative Market Analysis

What is it and Why you should ask your Realtor for one
Posted by Dani Dooley on February 16, 2021 in   Hawaii  CMA  Dani Dooley  For Sellers  Kauai  Selling Your House
So you're thinking of selling your home. How much do you think it's worth?No doubt you've heard you should figure this out by asking your real estate agent for a CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis. But what is a CMA? A comparative market analysis estimates a property's value based on recent closed sales of similar properties in the same market. When you're hoping to sell your place, understanding the CMA is essential. Here's what you need to know.As your real estate agent, when I create a CMA for your propert... read more

This Seller is Motivated

Quoted straight from an email I opened this morning
Posted by Dani Dooley on January 31, 2021 in   Hawaii  COVID-19  Dani Dooley  For Buyers  Kauai  Market Updates
I'm hearing this more and more from agents about their CONDO listings. Some are blatantly including this in their marketing and others are just whispering it to me on the side at the showing, essentially begging an offer.This year we have seen phenomenal growth in our residential market. I'm sure wherever you are in the US you've heard about skyrocketing prices as people scramble to find a safe harbor from the pandemic on Kauai. Our median single family home sales price in 2020 was $810,000, up from $659,900 in 201... read more