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The Lowest Priced Ocean View Lot on Kauai!

3564 Kaloke Rd, Kalaheo HI 96741
Posted by Dani Dooley on March 31, 2020 in  uncategorized
Act Fast! This motivated seller is looking for a fast sale on his Kalaheo land   This Kalaheo oceanview lot is the lowest priced view lot on Kauai by more than $60,000! The seller is very motivated and has priced it accordingly. This ocean view lot is located in beautiful Kalaheo. Drive down Waha Rd towards the coffee fields and enjoy the beautiful ocean view all the way home. The homesite is on the East side of the quiet culdesac and has a nearly 90 degree south facing ocean view. This lot has many beautiful... read more

Get Set To Sell

Prepare your property to sell for more
Posted by Dani Dooley on May 18, 2020 in   Hawaii  FAQs  For Sellers  Frequently Asked Questions  Kauai  Staging  Tips
During uncertain times you want Buyers to be certain your house is the one for them. Before shooting photos, videos or showing your home get ready to sell by doing a few things that will set your property apart from the competition. REVIEW YOUR HOUSE INTERIOR ROOM BY ROOM In general, a de-cluttered home helps the buyer mentally "move in" with their own things. Aim to make your home look like a hotel or vacation rental by clearing clutter and removing all unnecessary items from throughout the house. If you need roo... read more

What is an ADU in Kauai?

An ADU, or Additional Dwelling Unit, is a second living unit that shares the same lot of a larger, primary home.
Posted by Dani Dooley on June 01, 2020 in   Hawaii  Additional Dwelling Unit  ADU  Dani Dooley  FAQs  For Buyers  For Sellers  Frequently Asked Questions  Kauai
In Kauai an ADU is a living space that has a full kitchen, a bathroom, and a place to sleep. An ADU, or Additional Dwelling Unit, is a second living unit that shares the same lot of a larger, primary home. This unit can be detached from or attached to an existing residence and is designed and used for single-family residential purposes (See Kauai County CZO updates and Kauai County CZO Article 15, beginning on page 123).The primary purpose of an ADU is to increase the number of affordable rentals for... read more

House Hunting with a VA Loan

Is it right for you?
Posted by Dani Dooley on July 06, 2020 in   Hawaii  Dani Dooley  FAQs  Financing  Frequently Asked Questions  Kauai  Lending  Mortgages  VA
Are you a veteran or active member of the U.S. military? If so you may qualify VA financing.VA stands for Veteran's Association and is a loan program available only to United States military veterans, active-duty, or eligible surviving spouses. It is not run by the Veterans Association but rather it is guaranteed by the government and administered by private companies. Most banks and mortgage brokers offer VA loans but not all, so ask ahead. To get the loan you will need to get a Certificate of Eligibilit... read more

What is a CPR?

Condominium Property Regimes are a Common Sight in Kauai
Posted by Dani Dooley on August 03, 2020 in   Hawaii  Condominium  Condos  CPR  Dani Dooley  FAQs  For Buyers  Frequently Asked Questions  Kauai
CPR's are very common in Hawaii. CPR stands for Condominium Property Regime. A Condominium Property Regime is a type of ownership in Hawaii in which a parcel of land can be divided into smaller units of land that can then be sold separately. It is similar to how apartment-type buildings are divided into individual units that can be owned by different owners, or condominiums. The process of creating a Condominium Property Regime is often referred to as “CPRing” a property.When creating a CPR there is no ... read more