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Focus on Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home For More

Improving curb appeal is the number one thing a homeowner can do to boost the marketability of their home.
Posted by Dani Dooley on February 23, 2021 in   Hawaii  Curb Appeal  Dani Dooley  FAQs  For Sellers  Frequently Asked Questions  Kauai  Seller Tips  Tips
Curb appeal describes how your house looks from the curb; is it attractive, welcoming and enticing to potential buyers? For buyers your home's outdoor appearance can be a huge factor in whether they pursue the property and make an offer. If you do nothing else to get your home ready to sell, at least make the outside look great.Curb appeal is about making a great first impression. A Princeton research study found that people's first impressions of people and objects are made within 1/10th of a second, and... read more

Get Set To Sell

Prepare your property to sell for more
Posted by Dani Dooley on May 18, 2020 in   Hawaii  FAQs  For Sellers  Frequently Asked Questions  Kauai  Staging  Tips
During uncertain times you want Buyers to be certain your house is the one for them. Before shooting photos, videos or showing your home get ready to sell by doing a few things that will set your property apart from the competition. REVIEW YOUR HOUSE INTERIOR ROOM BY ROOM In general, a de-cluttered home helps the buyer mentally "move in" with their own things. Aim to make your home look like a hotel or vacation rental by clearing clutter and removing all unnecessary items from throughout the house. If you need roo... read more