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What is a CPR?

Condominium Property Regimes are a Common Sight in Kauai
Posted by Dani Dooley on August 03, 2020 in   Hawaii  Condominium  Condos  CPR  Dani Dooley  FAQs  For Buyers  Frequently Asked Questions  Kauai
CPR's are very common in Hawaii. CPR stands for Condominium Property Regime. A Condominium Property Regime is a type of ownership in Hawaii in which a parcel of land can be divided into smaller units of land that can then be sold separately. It is similar to how apartment-type buildings are divided into individual units that can be owned by different owners, or condominiums. The process of creating a Condominium Property Regime is often referred to as “CPRing” a property.When creating a CPR there is no ... read more